Our location and attractions are ADA compliant and feature accessible approach, entrance and mobility throughout, access to goods and services, access to public restrooms, water, charging stations and sensory friendly spaces


Rider must be a minimum height of 50 inches

No Back, Neck or Heart Conditions

No Expectant Mothers

No One Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol


Loose articles are not Permitted on Ride

Loose articles may be left with a Non-Rider or placed in free ride lockers

Pockets must be empty prior to riding

No Hats or Glasses can be worn during ride

Rider’s head must be placed back against ride seat with hands holding Handrails


No Running or Climbing

Shirts and Shoes must be worn at all times

No One Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

No Scooters, Skateboarding, Roller Skating or Bicycles


The ticket holder, by voluntarily visiting, participating, spectating, and/or riding the Slingshot, UNDERSTANDS THE INHERENT RISK INVOLVED WITH the Slingshot and voluntarily assumes any and all risks and dangers in any way related to the actions, failures, and negligence of themselves, others, and the Slingshot equipment or its components.  The ticket holder forever waives, covenants not to sue, releases, and discharges Sunset Walk Thrill Zone, LLC d/b/a Sunset Walk Slingshot; Rolling Oaks Splendid, LLC; Horizon Retail, LLC; MV Rolling Oaks Holdings, LLC; MV Rolling Oaks Retail, LLC; Madison Marquette Retail Services, LLC (as well as each of their respective parents, subsidiaries, related and affiliated entities, owners, officers, directors, employees, insurers, land owners, contractors, subcontractors, agents, volunteers, predecessors, assigns, representatives, and successors) from liability, harm, injury, death, paralysis, claims, causes of action, damages, costs, fees, or expenses of every kind, including but not limited to, all claims and causes of action based on the sole, joint, active, or passive negligence of any of the parties listed above related to the ticket holder’s visit, participation, spectating, or riding of the Slingshot. Ticket holder agrees that any dispute will be determined by and agrees to inform operator of injury prior to leaving the premises.